About Molly & Me

Kay Holseberg



KAY:  I have always loved baking.  In fact, I baked so many chocolate chip cookies when I was a kid, my older brother still can't even look at a chocolate chip cookie to this day!  What I liked even more than baking, was giving my baked cookies, brownies or cakes to other people who would enjoy them.  There is just something relaxing and gratifying when I am in the kitchen.  I am in my happy place.

Our pecans are made in small batches by hand in a cookhouse on our property, and it smells heavenly on any given day.  You may walk in and smell Bourbon Pecans being cooked, or Praline, or maybe Sneaky Hot.  It's really hard to resist a quick sample, so go ahead and ask for one. 

HOW DID WE GET HERE?  After working in the corporate world for 30 years and raising two amazing kids, my husband and I decided to move to the country.  We found an old house and some land that we liked, and moved out to the small town of Holly Hill, just outside of Charleston, South Carolina.  I started picking up pecans at my brother-in-law's farm and experimenting with recipes, and people loved them.  

We now have a pecan supplier and buy thousands of pounds of raw pecans to keep up with our orders, and though our pecans are shipped all over the U.S., we continue to enjoy baking in the cookhouse just like we did in the beginning.  We love what we do, and are so thankful for the people we have gotten to know through Molly & Me Pecans.


After years of knowing the owner and loving the products, The Tollmann family, Pete, Krista, Trey, and Ansley were honored to take over the business when Kay was ready to retire, and are excited to continue the same great flavors Molly and Me has always made under the Umbrella Company Stella and Remi.  Molly and Me Pecans has moved to a new location which is still in the Great Southern State of South Carolina, but allows them to open a retail store Under the name Stella and Remi at the lovely Hammock Shops in Pawley’s Island. This combines a retail location and a kitchen under one roof, where they will not only continue to bake farm fresh pecans and cookies, but also have a beautiful new retail store where you can shop for all your local gift giving needs as well as sample fresh out of the oven treats when cooking.
Welcome to Stella and Remi with Molly and Me.